Draft of Deliverable D6.1 - Summary of the case studies

This document summarizes the findings of the case studies in the Spine project. The document has three main sections, one per case study group (A, B, and C). Each section has one subsection per case study, with the following three paragraphs: description, implementation, and validation. Document will be updated as the case studies are finished.

D6.1 Summary of the case studies

Deliverable D2.1 - Software Design Document

This deliverable presents a high-level software design for Spine Toolbox and for the various tools it supports. It contains the system overview, application use cases, functional and non-functional requirements, chosen implementation language(s), dependencies, versioning, application validation requirements, testing and security requirements, and notes on the enforced coding style. The last two chapters; system architecture and the Spine data structure, will be updated as plans for the design become more evolved during the project and the implementation.

D2.1 Software Design Document

Deliverable 4.1 - D4.1 Specification for data acquisition and conversion tools

This document presents the needs and high-level design for data acquisition and conversion for the Spine Toolbox. The deliverable gives a general overview of importing data from external sources to a Spine Toolbox project as well as performing conversions and quality control of the data. The process of selecting data from different sources to create a final dataset (or datasets) for modelling or simulation is not covered, as it is a core functionality of the Spine Toolbox itself. This first version of the document is intended as a basic description of how data acquisition and conversion tools are to be created and documented. Also metadata requirements are defined. An updated version will be published after the project’s second year, and it will incorporate further details of the Toolbox.

D4.1 Specification for data acquisition and conversion tools

Deliverable 5.1 - Description of data sources

The purpose of this deliverable is to describe, in as much detail as is possible at this stage, the data sources to be used for the case studies to be conducted in the Spine project. In particular, the document presents key sources of data on European energy systems relevant to the Spine project.

D5.1 Description of data sources


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