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Spine modelling tools completed in September

The Spine webinars were held September 7-10, 2021.

Webinar recordings available here.

Fifth project meeting in Espoo, February 2020

Spine project gathered for its fifth meeting at VTT in Espoo, Finland, between 24-27th February 2020. The advisory board also attended the meeting. The board was informed about the latest developments of the model. In addition, project team gave hands-on demonstrations of Spine Model and Spine Toolbox to the advisory board. As was recognised by the advisory board, a lot of progress on both model and toolbox has been made since last year. The main development points noted included better documentation of the model and validation against other available models. The meeting was considered really inspirational and the project team will continue the active development of Spine.

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Annual meeting in Dublin, 5-8 November 2018

Spine consortium had its second annual meeting in Dublin, Ireland on the first week of November. Also the advisory board attended the meeting. In the meeting, updates on different work packages were presented and project contents were lively discussed. In particular, different aspects of the model development were addressed. The advisory group provided very valuable comments, which will be taken into account in the future work.

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Technical workshop on 25th May 2018

Spine Project is organising in collaboration with the EERA ESI a technical workshop discussing the next generation of energy system models in DTU Lyngby on 25th May 2018. The workshop will be held in conjunction with the EERA ESI policy workshop (held on the 24th of May) and the Clean Energy Ministerial meeting at Copenhagen. The workshop will include a series of discussions about potentially beneficial modelling capabilities in future energy system models. Each discussion topic will consist of a short intro by the chair, then a couple of addresses on the topic where each discussant introduces a solution with a rationale and finally questions and comments from the audience. Each address should last 5-15 minutes (depending on the number of addresses) with a maximum of 2 slides.

For more information and to register download the leaflet.

Bi-annual meeting in Finland

The Spine project had the second bi-annual meeting of the project consortium on 2-4th May in Espoo, Finland. VTT hosted the meeting, and representatives of all the project partners attended the event. A formal update of all the Work packages was presented. Moreover, the meeting served as a platform for a lively and very fruitful discussion on the different aspects of the Spine model development. In addition to the Spine consortium, Dr. Clayton Barrows from the Forecasting & Modeling Group in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), USA, participated in the meeting. He provided very valuable feedback on the Spine model deployment. In addition, collaboration between the Spine project and NREL was discussed.

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Consortium meeting in Belgium

The Spine project had a consortium meeting in Leuven, Belgium, between 20.-23.11.2017. Many relevant discussions took place and important actions were decided for the future developments of the project. Also the project advisory board took part in the first day of the meeting, providing valuable feedback on the project plans.


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Spine Newsletter 2/2020

 Spine Newsletter 1/2019

Conference presentations

• Iasonas Kouveliotis Lysikatos from KTH gave a presentation on “Network Aggregation Tool for the Energy System Modelling Framework Spine" in Session 5 (Modeling, Simulation and ICT) at the 3rd International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and Technologies (SEST) held online 7-9 September, 2020. For more information, see

• Spine Project was presented by Iasonas Kouveliotis Lysikatos from KTH with the title “Exploring Multitemporal Hydro Power Models of the Nordic Power System using Spine Toolbox" in the virtual 55th International Universities Power Engineering Conference, UPEC 2020 on September 1-4, 2020.

• Two different presentations on Spine Toolbox were given in the European Workshop of the Open Energy Modelling Initiative. The workshop was held in the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, Germany, between 15–17 January 2020.
Spine Toolbox Progress, Juha Kivuluoma
SpineModel - A Generic Energy System Model Generator, M. Ihlemann et al.

• Kris Poncelet from KU Leuven held a presentation of Spine at the INFORMS annual conference ( in Seattle, USA on October 20-23, 2019.

• A presentation in EU Conference on Modelling for Policy Support, 26-27 Nov, 2019
Energy systems modelling: toolbox development for policy decision support
Delarue E., Poncelet K., Moncada J.A., University of Leuven, Energy Institute and EnergyVille
Höschle H., EnergyVille and VITO
Kiviluoma J., VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

• Mr. Steffen Kaminski from KU Leuven held a presentation on the Spine Toolbox in the 74th Semi-annual ETSAP meeting held in Stuttgart, Germany, in November 2018 with the title “Spine: Open source Toolbox for modelling integrated energy systems”

A poster of the Spine Toolbox and Spine Model was presented in the 17th Wind Integration Workshop in October 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden (

• Juha Kiviluoma, Erik Delarue and Kris Poncelet presented a poster titled “Open-source Toolbox for linking energy system tools and models” in the EMP-E conference 2018 'Modelling Clean Energy Pathways' on September 25 – 26th, 2018 in Brussels (